Ex-FaZe player Cented quits Fortnite due to 'focused and targeted harassment'

Tuesday, 03 January 2023

Evan 'Cented' Barron, a Canadian Fortnite pro, has announced he has quit the esport due to 'focused and target harassment' following his departure from FaZe Clan after he used a racial slur in a live stream. In a Twitlonger released on January 3, Cented announced his retirement from Fortnite. The 21-year-old player explained that he faced 'ongoing and relentless harassment' due to saying a racial slur in a live stream that led to him parting ways with FaZe Clan. Cented detailed steps he took to remedy his indiscretion with the community, including donating to charity and Black Lives Matter, taking sensitivity training, and starting therapy.