Vladimir Putin's latest public appearance sparks new speculation about his health

A recent appearance of Vladimir Putin has fuelled new speculation about not only the Russian President's physical health, but also mental health. The head of the Kremlin hosted a multilateral meeting to discuss peace in Afghanistan with regional stakeholders on Tuesday 7 February in Moscow. In attendance were officials from China, India, Iran, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Pakistan was also invited but decided not to attend. Putin has famously practised social distancing while meeting with world leaders, often sitting at the opposite end of huge tables, and this meeting was no different.

SpaceX Moved To Block Ukraine's Military From Using Starlink Internet for Drones

SpaceX has announced steps to curb Ukraine's use of Starlink internet service for controlling drones. The move comes after SpaceX limited Starlink service on the front lines in Ukraine last September, causing internet outages at a critical time during a Ukrainian counteroffensive. SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell announced that SpaceX had taken steps to prevent Ukraine's military from using Starlink internet service for controlling drones on the battlefield. According to Reuters, Shotwell said during a Washington, D.

What word describes what it's like to be trans in America today? What word describes what it's like to be trans in America today?

'Misunderstood.' Phunky, 19, Democrat, Black 'Better.' Forest, 26, Democrat, mixed race 'Dangerous.' Wyatt, 31, Democrat, white Opinion America In Focus These 12 Transgender Americans Would Love You to Mind Your Own Business These days, 'transgender' has become a charged word, associated with arguments over identity, gender, pronouns, sports, puberty blockers and civil rights. But for many of the approximately 1.3 million transgender Americans today, the word isn't a topic for debate; it's who they are.

The Best Maternity Jeans for People Who Just Can't Quit Their Denim

The best maternity jeans have to check a lot of boxes: They need to feel comfy, fit well, and look cute-a trifecta that can be hard to find even with regular jeans-all while offering enough stretch and support for a growing bump. The good news is that maternity clothes have come a long way in recent years, bringing better maternity denim with it. Now, wearing maternity leggings (or loose, stretchy T-shirt dresses) for months on end is no longer your only option. And, on the flip side, you're not stuck with the same mom jeans fit, either.

Democrats Flip State House in Key Battleground State

If Pennsylvania 's famous groundhog dabbled in politics, he might predict two years of gridlock in the state Legislature now that Democrats control the House and Republicans control the Senate under Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro. As expected, three Democrat state representatives were elected in special elections Tuesday, in solidly Democrat districts. This ends the tug-of-war over party control in the House that has been in play since the November election. After the election, the House had 101 Republican and 102 Democrat seats, a thin Democrat majority that was met with enthusiasm from the party that had been stuck in the minority since 2011.

Democrats win control of Pennsylvania House, ending years of GOP rule

Democrats won control of the Pennsylvania House in special elections Tuesday, wresting partial power from Republicans for the first time in a dozen years in the competitive swing state. Democrats won all three vacant Pittsburgh-area House seats to claim a slim edge over Republicans, finally securing a majority they first appeared to have won in last November's General Election. Republicans still hold the Senate, creating a political division that could make it difficult for lawmakers to send priority bills to new Democratic Gov.

Trump's Lawyer Says More Christians Must Get Involved in Elections

Steve Bannon, the host of the "War Room" program, wrote in the "Introduction" of Christina Bobb's new book "Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024," that "an elitist cabal of globalists aim to syphon our freedoms to centralize it among a few." He goes on to write, "If [the globalists] can convince us that their power grab was our choice, they can seize control of the freest nation ever to exist and strip us of our rights before we're wise enough to stop them.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard writing book on leaving Democrats

Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic representative from Hawaii who clashed often with her party and eventually left it, has a memoir coming out Oct. 10. Gabbard's memoir, currently untitled, is the first of a two-book deal with Regnery Publishing, the longtime conservative publisher. Regnery is calling the book the 'full story of her electrifying break' with the Democrats.

Diversity and moderation over tradition - why Democrats moved South Carolina to the start of the 2024 presidential campaign

The Democratic National Committee approved a proposal on Feb. 4, 2023, that puts South Carolina first on the party's presidential nominating calendar, upending 50 years of tradition. For the first time, voters of color, moderates, hourly workers - and Southerners - will have the first say in choosing the party's nominee. President Biden weighed in on changes to the nominating calendar in a Dec. 1, 2022, letter to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee . He wrote that early nominating states should reflect the diversity of the party and nation and that time-consuming caucuses, like those held in Iowa, should no longer be a part of the process because they disadvantage hourly workers and others who can't take the required time away from work.

The Democratic National Committee just made South Carolina its first primary: Here's why

COLUMBIA, S.C. - National Democrats voted to move South Carolina up on the political calendar, making it the first in the nation to vote in the Democratic primary. South Carolina is replacing Iowa and, in this upcoming presidential election, the Democratic Party will be starting here. This means that all Democratic presidential candidates will begin in the Palmetto State with a primary election. There are multiple contributing factors to why Democratic leaders said they consider South Carolina the ideal state.